To Market To Market

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy didn’t ever want to go home!
— Me

I sat down to write a post about something worthwhile like the health benefits of bananas, but to be honest, I am still buzzing from Saturday and couldn't help but tell the world about it. 

We had our debut market stall at the Victoria Park Markets selling smoothie bowls to the eager passers-by who just had to stop and find out what we were grinning ear-to-ear about. 

As a market stall virgin, I had no idea what to expect from the day and went in with guns blazing ready for anything. I just wanted to express the gratitude I am feeling right now and how grateful I am for the support we have had over the past few weeks getting this off the ground. To our family and friends, we could not imagine doing this without you - in fact we literally couldn't, so thank you for your patience.

One thing Hannah and I cannot stop talking about is the genuinely amazing people we met on Saturday who were in the market stalls around us. Coming from industries where competition is key and everybody has this dog-eat-dog attitude about making it to the top, it is refreshing to be surrounded by small and local businesses who are all keen to help a sister out and stop by just for a chat. We cannot wait to see all of you guys again this week (I am a major fan-girl of all my market neighbours now). 

To everyone who didn't make it last weekend, remember we will be at the Victoria Park Markets every Saturday between 9-2pm so come on down and give us some lovin'. 

Love and gratitude, 

The Health Hunter