Leisha Rae:

The Health Hunter

Leisha has just spent five years travelling the world and hunting down the raw facts on where all our exotic health food comes from, as well as doing plenty of market research on smoothie bowls in Bali, California and Brazil. Leisha is passionate about all things healthy and is a qualified health coach, registered with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York.

Hannah Bryan:

The Free Spirit

Hannah is our free spirited hippy and yogi lover and has always had a passion for delicious food. Hannah thrives off cooking, baking and most of all blending. All of our bowl recipes have to pass her seal of approval before they hit customers lips. She keeps us all in check and most importantly keeps the store looking ship-shape :)

Lydia Shoebridge 

The Boss Dog at Parnell and Advanced Senior Blender

After moving back from the mecca of smoothie bowls, Melbourne, we were stoked to have Lydia join the team. She's always inventing new recipes for our 'Bowl of the Month' and is much loved by staff for her monthly home-cooked dinners. Her chickpea curry is an absolute winner. 

Katie Rae 

The Boss Dog at Orakei and Brazilian Master

'Little Rae' is a seasoned traveler and became addicted to acai after visiting the original bowl capital - Brazil! This girl is our Brazilian Master and makes our acai bowls super creamy. She's the superstar behind your morning coffee brew, and as our social team manager, never says no to a good night out!